25 Would You Rather Questions About Models and Modelling

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The Would You Rather game is one of the funny but easiest ways to get to know someone quite well. While some of these questions may appear difficult to answer, these questions require that you choose between two options.

There are thousands of would you rather questions that will blow up one’s mind and get you into hard thinking but in this article, we shall narrow our questions to modelling. Celebrity models, as well as upcoming stars in the modelling industry,  may find this game more interesting answering questions about two options of equal values. The sole aim of this game is to know why you decided to pick one in preference to the other. Ready? Here is a list of carefully selected would you rather questions about modelling we think you’ll love to play

25 Would You Rather Questions About Modelling

1. Would you rather be the most successful supermodel or the most successful modelling agency?

Supermodels are professionally skilled and experienced models with a worldwide reputation in commercial modelling and haute couture. A successful modelling agency is that company that has earned international recognition for presenting fashion models to various designers, ad agencies and photographers. Which would you rather be?

2. Would you rather be a supermodel in the 1960s or a 21st-century model?

The 19th-century modelling is characterized by less extravagant garments. Models of the 1800s include Cindy, Naomi and Kate. The 21st-century models include stars like Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Cara Delevingne, Monica Bellucci and Kendall Jenner.

3. Would you rather be a supermodel or a superhero?

Superheros are fictional characters bestowed with supernatural and superhuman qualities to fight evil. Supermodels are models like Doutzen Kroes, Gigi Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as described above

4. Would you rather do catalogue work only or runway work only

Catalogue models are largely considered as commercial models characterised with glowing skin, healthy hair, and a killer smile that appeals to the client’s target audience.  The runway models or catwalk models are Kate Moss, Naomi Cambel, Milla Jovovich and Natasha Poly.

5. Would you rather be a swimsuit model or a fitness model?

Swimsuits/ Lingerie models are specialised in displaying various swimsuits or lingerie for some brand companies while the work of a fitness model is rather behind the scene. The model in this category helps fashion companies to get the sizing and fit right before the garment is sent off to be manufactured.

6. Would you rather be on Vogue Magazine or Playboy Magazine

The two are internationally recognised lifestyle magazines but while Vogue covers topics like culture, fashion, beauty and runways, Playboy is an American Men’s magazine known for providing access to high-end pop culture.

7. Who is a better Swimsuit model – Elle Macpherson or Rachel Hunter? 

Elle Macpherson is a legend when it comes to swimsuit modelling. She is even nicknamed “the body’ following her perfect bikini body. New Zealand model Rachel Hunter is largely being referred to as the Dorian Gray of the fashion of the modelling industry given the fact of how well she maintains a never-changing bikini body since her first appearance as a bikini model.

8. Would you rather be a promotional model or Glamour model

Promotional models are known to help in promoting certain commodities. They are often seen at live events and trade shows. Glamour models, on the other hand, are known for their facial beauty and body shape, they model for swimsuit and lingerie photoshoots.

9. What body measurement would you rather have as a model- A- Plus-size model or a Regular size model?

The kind of model you plan to do determine the sizes what body measurement you should have, including your height and weight. For instance, runway models are usually 5’9” and up, and sizes 10 to 20/22, while print models are usually 5’8” and up, and are sizes 12 to 18. Example of some famous plus-size models are Ashley Graham, Chloe Marshall, Danika Brysha and Precious Victoria Lee.

10. Who is a better model- Adriana Lima or Tyra Banks?

They are both supermodels and they both joined the industry at the age of 15 but while Lima is a legendary bikini and lingerie model, Banks fits into different kinds of modelling including runways, commercial and print. Banks is an American model while Lima is Brazillian.

11. Would you rather have a diet plan as a model or a workout plan

While some models prefer to live on a strict diet plan to maintain their body, some others engage in strict workout plans. The former only make you lose weight and extra fat from your body while the later helps you lose weight and give you a toned up body. However, a combination of the two would be preferable.

12. Would You rather be a male model or a female model?

Unlike the female models, male modelling is all about the parallel features with a strong face, high cheek and cushioned lips. A male model is also expected to have an athletic body. However, men with slimmer and more androgynous bodies seem to be taking over the industry. Male models are usually between  6″2 and 6″3. Check out male models like Armando Cabral, Cameron Dallas and David Gandy.

13. Would you rather be a facial model or full-bodied model?

Facial models are involved in taking facial beauty shots mainly to promote cosmetics. Large brands in cosmetics hire them to appear in product shots and campaigns that focus on facial features

14. Would you rather stay natural or go under the knife to have your ideal modelling body. 

Models are naturally beautiful but there are some who would prefer an added cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty. Models like Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian have undergone cosmetic surgery while the likes of Cindy Crawford and Isabelle Huppert are yet to have a surgery cut on any part of their body.

15. Would You rather date a co-model or date someone in other departments of the show business? 

While it does not matter what department or career one’s souse is, some celebrities either prefer to date people in the same department while others carefully go for dates outside their on career, Such is not uncommon in the modelling industry, however, we have more supermodels who are married to actors. We have the Victoria Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo with Adam Levine and the playboy Tim Jefferies who dated many models before settling don with Swedish model Marlin Johannson.

16. Would you rather work as Parts Models or a Fit model?

Parts models are models involved in modelling parts of their bodies like their arms, hands, and legs. For instance, hand models are booked for jewellery while a foot model goes for shoe companies.

17. Who is Prettier – Kim Kardashian or Adriana Lima?

The Hall of Fame best supermodel Adriana Lima is Victoria Secret’s most acclaimed angel and one of the most beautiful models in Brazil. Kim, on the other hand, is a renowned socialite, model and actress. She has ventured into several endorsement deals and she is also into retail and fashion industries.

18. Would you rather walk the runway model for Victoria secret or Gucci

The two are fashion industries but while Victoria Secret is into manufacturing women’s lingerie, Gucci is mostly into leather goods like handbags, belts and shoes

19. Who is a better male model – Oliver Cheshire or Pietro Boselli?

The English model is known for his razor-sharp cheekbones, nicely toned torso and impeccable style. he models for both the nicely tailored suits as well as sweatpants. Pietro, on the other hand, is an Italian engineer and model is better known as “the world’s hottest math teacher”.

20. Would you rather be a Brazillian model or a Russian model

Supermodels are supermodels everywhere but for some reasons, Brazillian ladies are largely admired for being among the most beautiful in the world and their models are no exception. their gorgeous supermodels make Brazil world-famous. Talk of the likes of Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen and Isabeli Fontana They are supermodels from Brazil. Russian models are no less beautiful, they are in fact, being referred to as goddesses, they possess all the attributes of world class supermodel. Talk of the likes of Vika Lopyreva, Diana Melison and Alesya Kafelnikov.

21. Would you rather be a Print Model or a Fitness model?

Print models are models you find in magazines, flyers, billboards, campaigns, booklets and posters. Some of these models in this category are engaged in selling products, others are simply photographed based on the needs of the client.

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22. Who is a better Hip Hop model – Iskra Lawrence or Ashley Graham?

Iskra Lawrence is a plus-size model and body confidence activist while Ashley Graham is a plus-size model known for fronting Levi’s campaigns and hosting the Miss Universe competitions. While Lawrence has a waist size of 29 and hip size of 44, Graham has waist and hip size 30 and 46, respectively.

23. Would you rather be a male underwear model or a celebrity actor?

Far more than just a nice face and defined body, male models are creating waves like their female counterparts, especially the underwear models like Oliver Cheshire, Marlon Teixeira and Jamie Dornan. These men are among the hottest men of all time, all thanks to their smouldering eyes and chiselled body.

24. Which two careers would you rather prefer to merge: Modelling and acting or singing and modelling?  

These professional careers are key departments in the entertainment industry and although each of the departments is very tasking, a combination of any of them you be highly beneficial. Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach are examples of influential models who have also branched into acting.

25. Would you rather be a model and become famous in LA or become a world-famous model and never live anywhere for more than a week?

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