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Aamir Khan’s television production, Rubaru Roshni, to be released on 26 January

Aamir Khan announced his next film as producer today. Titled Rubaru Roshni, the film has been produced by Khan along with wife Kiran Rao. The film has been directed by Svati Chakravarty, who was a part of Aamir Khan’s well-known television reality show Satyamev Jayate. 

Instead of a normal theatrical release, the film will be telecast directly on the Star Plus television channel on Republic Day (26 January 2019). The same channel airs Khan’s Satyamev Jayate.

“I wish to present something special for you. No, this is not a new episode of Satyamev Jayate. But it will be something that will move your heart,” said Khan in a video shared by him on his official social media channels.

Speaking about the importance of the movie, he said in the caption, “It’s something that Kiran and I have produced, and which we are very close to.” 

The previous film produced by Aamir Khan Productions was Secret Superstar (2017). The film received critical acclaim and did particularly well in China.

Rubaru Roshni is the first time an Aamir Khan production will be aired directly on television. The title of the film is the first line from the song of Khan’s iconic film, Rang De Basanti (2006). Coincidentally, that film had also been released on Republic Day.

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