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Abraham Williams Bio, Facts about Tulsi Gabbard’s Husband

If you are well-acquainted with the young and vibrant American political icon, Tulsi Gabbard, then you’d be happy to learn about her better half, Abraham Williams. Gabbard has become a model for several women in the United States who are aspiring to go into politics. She has been making giant strides since the inception of her political career and has held strategic offices in the United States. Currently, she serves as the US Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district.

While Tulsi has been in the limelight for a long while, little or less is known about her better half, Abraham Williams. Although he is married to a successful political icon, Williams is also successful in his right. Also from Hawaii, he has established himself as a filmmaker, camera operator, and cinematographer. Join us as we explore interesting facts about Tulsi Gabbard’s spouse below.

Abraham Williams – Bio

Abraham Williams is a Hawaiian native, born in New Zealand in 1989. He is the son of Anya Anthony and her husband. Following his mother’s divorce from his biological father, she married Timothy S. Anthony who adopted Abraham as his stepson. His mother now works as the manager of Tulsi’s office located in Honolulu, Hawaii while his stepdad is a middle school teacher at Kalakaua, Hawaii.

Regarding his education, Williams completed his basic education in Hawaii. Upon graduation, he also attended the university where he acquired a degree in arts and communication. However, the names of the institutions he attended and when he graduated are currently not known.

After he left school, Williams kicked off his career, working as a cinematographer and camera operator in Hollywood. He has been a part of several successful Hollywood productions to date. Some of his notable works include the 2012 short film, Raphael Dumtaro: Warrior of Love, and 2016 films – Step Motion Step, and The Ace. Others are 2018 films like The Pit Where We Were Born and Down on the Sidewalk in Waikiki, as well as White Guys: P. I and Knight Watch released in 2019, among others.

His Wife and Family

Although Abraham Williams has become successful in his filmmaking career, it was through his relationship with Tulsi Gabbard that he became famous. Tulsi Gabbard is an eminent political figure in the United States. Born and raised in Leloaloa, American Samoa, the stunning lady served in the Medical Unit of the Hawaiian Army National Guard. During her active service, she was deployed to Iraqi from 2004 to 2005 and Kuwait from 2008 to 2009.

Tulsi began her political career in 2002 when she was elected into the Hawaii House of Representatives. There, she served until 2004 when she joined the military. After her military service, she returned to politics; this time she was elected as a member of the Honolulu City Council from the 6th district. She served in that capacity from 2011 to 2012. Since 2013, she has been the US House Representatives Member standing in for Hawaii’s 2nd district. With her impressive political resume, Tulsi has declared her intent to run for the 2020 US Presidential Election as the Democratic Candidate.

Wiliams and Tulsi met each other several years ago. However, the exact year and how they met has not been disclosed to the media. According to online sources, the couple first met in 2012 when Abraham Williams volunteered for Tulsi’s campaign. Afterward, they met again at a mutual friend’s party and hit things off.

After a few years of a successful relationship, the lovebirds walked down the aisle in 2015. They exchanged marital vows in a traditional Vedic Hindu ceremony held in Hawaii. Their wedding was well attended by over 300 guests including Massachusetts Representative, Joe Kennedy and Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, among others. Since their marriage, the couple has been enjoying a blissful marital union and there is no sign of divorce between them. They don’t have kids yet.

Other Facts about Tulsi Gabbard’s Husband

1. Although Abraham Williams’ marriage with Tulsi is his first, it is the second for Tulsi. She was previously married to a man named Eduardo Tamayo. The duo was married for four years from 2002 to 2006.

2. Despite being married to a potential presidential candidate for the 2020 US election, Williams is not swayed by the happenings in the political arena. He has been focused on his career and hardly comments on his wife’s political career

3. Despite the age disparity between Williams (30) and Tulsi (38), the couple has been living peacefully and are very supportive of each other’s career.

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