Akshay Kumar’s transformation into a bird-man for 2.0

Actor Akshay Kumar is all set to take on Rajinikanth in Shankar’s upcoming film 2.0. He is reportedly playing an evil scientist who assembles the ‘fifth force’ (technology) to eradicate the use of mobile phones amongst humans. To rev (even more) excitement for the film, the makers of 2.0, Lyca Productions, have released a short video demonstrating the actor’s stunning transformation from man to bird-man. The actor himself called it ‘a technological wonder.

In the nearly minute-long video, Akshay patiently sits in the make-up chair as he undergoes procedures to make moulds of his teeth, face, and body for his character. A team of artists, Indian and international, work hard to turn him into the foe that goes up against Rajinikanth’s robot character, Chitti, in the film.

The film’s trailer has Akshay’s character condemning every user of mobile phone, even calling them murderers. The making video doesn’t answer the main question of how the scientist mutates into a half-human, half-bird creature. That will likely be answered when the film is released on 29 November.

Watch the making video below:

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