Anupam Roy’s melody catches a quintessential Bengali romance

‘Gas Balloon’ song from Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming film Vinci Da is a heart-warming love song sung and composed by Anupam Roy. The song features Rudranil Ghosh as Vinci Da, fondly called so by his peers, and his love interest played by Sohini Sarkar.

More than the composition, the song appears endearing because of its visuals in which the actors are effortless in romancing each other and the lyrics that speak of the dreams of a simple girl who craves for love.

We don’t see Vinci and his girlfriend in any exotic location to express their love for each other, dancing and basking in the beauty of nature. Like a teenaged couple of this generation, they walk around the streets of Kolkata and discover the little joys of life while shopping, eating puchka (pani puri) or travelling in a taxi – the utmost luxury they can afford.

The song is shot and cinematically composed with a lot of thought as it not only throws light on the innocent bonding of the lovers, but it also reveals the human beings they are and the socio-economic background they come from.

Vinci’s girlfriend is not very composed and conventionally graceful. She spills the plate of puchka and cannot handle the fork while eating in a Thai restaurant yet she is the muse Vinci wishes to capture in his sketch. Both of them are from lower-middle income background. She picks up dresses from the street market, but doesn’t want to buy when she checks the price. Vinci, knowing his girlfriend’s heart, buys the dress secretly.

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Vinci is scared of his would-be father-in-law and they are not supposed to talk to each other when he is in the spot. Roy’s lyrics convey the nervousness that surges up Vinci’s throat every time Vinci is in his girlfriend’s locality.

The song paints the picture of the quintessential middle class Bengali romance without any touch of extravagance or show off. The romance is the only retreat of dreams for the two lovers.

Vinci Da is slated for release on 12 April.

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