Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame HD Ending Images Highlight the Big Battle

Based on the non-stop ass-kicking Avengers: Endgame keeps laying down at the box office, it’s safe to say just about everyone and their mother has seen Marvel’s latest — probably more than once. So, it makes sense that Disney has finally decided to release some spoilery images from the back half of the film, teasing the epic battle against NuThanos.

Now, they haven’t released images for all the big moments — there’s no HD snapshot (wink) of anyone wielding the gauntlet, no Old Man Cap, or any sob-worthy funeral photos, but if you’ve been craving some high-def images from the battle, your time has come. The spoiler ban “officially” lifted last Monday (per the Russo brothers, and they should know,) VFX companies have started rolling out their behind-the-scenes making-of images, and now we’ve got a new batch of sweet, sweet finale battle images to relive one of the most insane climactic battles ever put on film.

“But getting everybody together for that one was tricky. We had Drax and Mantis together, we got the two of them. Strange was necessarily on a different plate because he’s floating, so he shot separately on a green screen. Chris Prattwasn’t available on that day, so we picked him up later on with a separate motion control green screen element. And Tom Holland for Spidey had to be another day again, so there’s actually four different plates for that one shot. We’re doing like a faux motion control on the day. Using real motion control will just grind a production to a halt. It’s so cumbersome and unwieldy. So we’re being a little more light on our feet than that, but it does mean we’ve quite a lot of tracking and restabilizing and lighting that we have to do in post to make all of that work, but it worked fine.”If you want to read more about how the epic sequence came together, be sure to read SlashFilm’s in-depth interview with Weta Digital’s visual effects supervisor Matt Aitken, who told the outlet about the challenges of assembling the Avengers on-screen:

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