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It’s been a decade, 20+ films, and a whole lot of world-building in the making, but Avengers: Endgame has finally arrived. The super superhero team-up film follows the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War, and with little known about the future of the MCU, it holds all the biggest secrets and reveals that point at what’s to come in the future of the massive franchise.

Directed by Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War helmers Joe and Anthony RussoEndgame looks to pit the OG Avengers in a battle to save half the universe. We’ve already seen what Thanos can do against the World’s Mightiest Heroes (and then some), but now we’re going to see what they can do when they’re forced to step it the hell up in after the fallout from their first great failure.

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The very first Endgame reactions just poured in after the Hollywood premiere, and get ready for all the emotions! While reactions to Infinity War were a little more mixed out of the gate, folks seem to be heaping praise on Endgame and the emotional shitshow we’re all about to go through. “Wow” seems to be the operative word here, so apparently we all need to brace ourselves for some heavy emotions. Of course, we all know that premiere crowds are often effusive (if you need a breakdown, our friends as BMD provided a helpful bingo of the common premiere praise), but the reactions here seem uniformly impressed. And that gets me excited as hell, even though we don’t know when exactly to take a bathroom break yet.

Check out what the lucky folks at the premiere had to say, and for more on Avengers: Endgame, check out the links below, followed by our video recap of all the biggest reactions.

And because it’s tradition, here’s Ben Mekler with the crunch time gag. They’re good jokes, Brent.

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