‘Bhajan samrat’ Anup Jalota launches Anuradha Paudwal’s Valentine’s single

If he can enter Bigg Boss’s house with young girlfriend Jasleen Matharu, then launching three Valentine’s singles is a piece of cake for ‘bhajan samrat’ Anup Jalota.

The 65-year-old Jalota launched three Valentine’s singles yesterday from Red Ribbon Musik in Mumbai. One of the three singles has been sung by veteran playback singer Anuradha Paudwal.

Paudwal’s single is titled ‘Yeh Dil Deewana Mane Na’. The song has been penned by Laxmi Narayan and picturized on the 66-year-old.

The song is in the mould of the romantic number from the 1990s, with simple lyrics, easy flowing music. Paudwal couldn’t attend the event as she is said to be out of the country.

The second single launched by Jalota is ‘Yeh Mujhe Kya Hua’, a duet between Lalitya Munshaw and Aishwarya Nigam. It has been composed by Puja Neelam Kapoor and the lyrics are by Kashi Kashyap.

The song has been shot in Hrishikesh and Mussoorie. The fine lyrics are backed by a light, joyful score.

Being the founder of Red Ribbon Musik, Munshaw often casts herself in her videos. The only problem in this song is that the guy, Kapil Gujjar, looks much younger. The drab visuals drag the track down.


The final single is a ballad by Aryan Pandit titled ‘Toota Hoon Bikhra Nahi’. Of all the three singles launched today, it is this track that is perhaps more in synch with contemporary music. Pandit has penned, composed as well as sung the number. 

Coming back to Jalota, the bhajan king had stunned fans by appearing on the Bigg Boss show as a couple with 29-year-old starlet Matharu.

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After his exit from the show, Jalota claimed this was a fake relationship, one that was created simply to boost the ratings of the Salman Khan-hosted reality TV show.

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