Celibate Govinda loses his heart to seductress Mishika

Pahlaj Nihalani is currently fighting a legal battle to get his film Rangeela Raja released. The trailer was anything but impressive. In fact, it suggested that the film runs the very real risk of being labelled a C-grade movie.

The makers have now released the ‘Jogi Dil’ song from the film. Thankfully, it is not as poor as the trailer, and the peppy tune and rhythm are more in line with the music from the 1990s, especially the masala entertainers.

Now, ‘Jogi Dil’ is strictly for the masses and for Govinda fans.

The film is the story of two Rajput twins, played by Govinda. The older one is a philanderer while the younger starts off as a jogi, one who has renounced worldly pleasure. That is, until he meets Mishika Chourasia. The song tells of the plight of the jogi who has lost his heart to the damsel.

It is quite difficult to spot the vintage Govinda in the 54-year-old actor in this song. The nature of the song is also such that it does not call for quicksilver moves. The easy-paced, groovy music calls for gently groovy desi steps. And while Govinda does look a bit heavy, and horrible with that chequered cloth wrapped around his bare torso, the choreography matches the theme of the song.

The editing, however, is questionable. There are certain moments, especially one in the early part, where Govinda pulls Chourasia by her shoulder, but the action is not even completed and we jump to the next step. There is a similar instance towards the end when Chourasia wraps her arms around Govinda and a moment later we see him in solo dance, and yet another moment later the duo are back together. If you are one for continuity in visuals, these jumps are not going to please you.

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Mehboob’s lyrics are banal. The best that can be said for them is that they have been crafted to suit the theme and the situation. Nakash Aziz and Sarodee Borah are fairly competent in their performances. It’s the music of Ishwar Kumar, however, that makes this a massy dance track.

Watch the ‘Jogi Dil’ song below and don’t tell us if you will be watching this film. 

Rangeela Raja was slated to be released on 16 November, but the legal trouble in the offing could force a shift in the release date.

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