Blu Mankuma has an estimated net worth of $50,000.

Check Out Blu Mankuma Bank Balance; Did He Go Bankrupt?

Born Name James Michael George
Birth Place Seattle, Washington DC
Height 6 feet
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Actor, Singer
Net Worth $50,000
Weight 105 kg
Age 71 years old
Sibling Richard George, Stan George

When it comes to acting credits, Blu Mankuma makes it to the Top 100. With more than 195 acting credits under his belt, his acting career spans more than four decades.

Mankuma is not just an actor. He is also a renowned singer and director. Let’s take a look at the famous American actor’s life.

Blu Mankuma’s Bank Balance is Worth Checking Out

It’s no surprise that an actor with a career lasting more than 40 years has a lot of money; however, that is not the case with Blu. Despite, his huge and successful career, he does not have much money for himself. He has an estimated net worth of $50,000.

The 71-year-old actor has appeared in almost 200 movies and TV shows which is a huge number. He is one of the busiest actors on the planet. Mankuma has appeared alongside many notable actors including Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, and many more.

Mankuma gained a lot of popularity among Transformers fans when he became the voice of Tigatron from 1996 to 1999. He said that he loved the character and as Tigatron, loves the planet and its habitat and its major motive was to maintain peace and prevent the war between the beings. Mankuma said that it was an honor to provide his voice to such a classy character.

In 1998, Mankuma took on the job of giving his voice to RoboCop: Alpha Commando‘s character Sergeant Reed. He received a lot of love for the role.

The Seattle born actor appeared in an episode of Supernatural alongside Julie McNiven playing the role of Dr. Jennings in the year 2006. He also gave his voice to The League of Super Evil‘s character General Sergeant in 2019.

The 71-year-old songwriter also appeared in the American TV thriller Forever Knight alongside Catherine Disher and many other notable actors.

Mankuma as a Singer

Mankuma moved to Canada to start his acting career; however, he was really impressed by the music scene in Canada and decided to become a singer. He performed in many bands including The Exotics, and The Epics. The 71-year-old director also started his own band called Smokin Pocket.

His latest album Outta The Blu released on June 19, 2016, and includes many hit songs like BluTrain, Janice, Home For Your Heart, and many more. The album comes at a price of $13.99 CAD.

Raising Money for Health Problems

Blu Mankuma once fell on his way to the bathroom during dinner. He was taken to the ICU and the doctor said he had kidney problems. Due to financial problems, Blu was compelled to raise money for his health issues. The Beast Wars Transformers hitmaker said that he was struggling to pay his rent.

To do his dialysis three times a week, he was helped by a community group called Purposeful Wellness. The initiative was to raise an amount of $2000 but the fans were really generous and 91 people raised an amount of $9,433. Mankuma later said that he was one of the most blessed individuals on the planet. The amount helped him to buy healthy food and pay his rent which he could not have done on his own.

Mankuma is a Father

Mankuma was born on July 5, 1948, in Seattle, Washington DC. He has two siblings, Richard George, and Stan George.

Blu currently resides in Vancouver, Canada with his family. He has two sons Cusse Mankuma and Rene Mankuma. Cusse is also an actor and has lent his voice to various characters in movies like Extreme Dinosaurs, Stargate Infinity, Super Duper Sumos and many more.

Rene Mankuma is renowned for his appearance in Madison, Northwood, and Mortal Sins.

Facts about Blu Mankuma that Every Fan Must Know

  • Blu Mankuma moved to Canada during the Vietnam war to prevent being sent to participate in the war.
  • The RoboCop hitmaker’s father taught him harmony for singing in church music.
  • Mankuma created an African name for himself during college which was Nakimo Mankuma.
  • He dropped the letter ‘e’ from his self-created name ‘Blue Mankuma’ and became ‘Blu Mankuma’ when the drummer of his band Smokin Pocket asked him to do it.
  • The Smokin Pocket lead singer Mankuma’s first song was The Shadows of Love.
  • Mankuma joined a Black Students Union and taught Black History for a short period of time.

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