Churni Ganguly’s smart cut leaves a lot for the audience to speculate

The trailer of writer-director Churni Ganguly’s upcoming film Tarikh comes up with an intriguing connection between social media timeline and the significant dates in our life.

Tarikh features Saswata Chatterjee, Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty in important roles. The trailer doesn’t introduce the characters of the film, it rather comprises of snippet views of several incidents that take place in various locations throughout the film.

There are glimpses of new online friendships, a few gatherings of college students and some status updates on social media which seem to have an important connection with the storyline that the trailer doesn’t reveal at all.

It only carries a voice over by Chakraborty, who in respect to the significant dates that are being shown to be celebrated in the trailer says that each and every date of life is important and one should celebrate all of them because nobody knows what happens next.

The trailer begins with a background score, strikingly similar to Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

The smart trailer also leaves a lot for the audience to speculate about the storyline of the film and its characters — whether they forget to celebrate life in its entirety and try to hold on to the joys and bonds with closed ones only through celebrating certain dates?

It is also apparent that the incidents of the characters’ life take place in different locations as it shows some glimpses of the airports, a plane taking flight and images of foreign places.

In the film, Kaushik Ganguly also plays a brief, yet significant role.

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Tarikh is slated for release on 12 April.

Watch the trailer below:


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