Conchata Ferrell holds a net worth of $7 million as of 2019.

Conchata Ferrell Net Worth, Earnings, Husband, Facts

Conchata Ferrell is an award-winning American actress who is famous for portraying the role of Berta in the television series Two and a Half Men. She won the Drama Desk Award and Obie Award for her work in The Sea Horse.

Born Name Conchata Galen Ferrell
Birth Place Loudendale, West Virginia, US
Height 5 feet and 3 inches (1.6 m)
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Husband Arnie Anderson
Net Worth $7 million
Weight 78kg
Age 76 years old
Parents Mescal Loraine, Luther Martin Ferrell

The American actress is also popular for her performance in the films and television series like ER, L.A. Law, and Family Prayers. To know more about the actress, read the whole article!!!!

Conchata Ferrell’s Fortune From Four-Decade in ShowBiz!

Conchata Ferrell holds a net worth of $7 million, all thanks to her career as a television and film actress. Additionally, she has a salary of $150,000.

Conchata started her acting career as a stage performer. She used to work as a member of the Circle Repertory Company. Later, she got a chance to appear in the Off-Boardway cast in the play, The Hot L Baltimore. Further, she continued working in the plays thanks to which, she garnered Theatre World Best Actress Awards.

Ferrell worked for over four decades in Hollywood while appearing in many films and television series. As for her film appearances, she first portrayed the role of Slugger Ann in the movie Deadly Hero. After that, she got a chance to show her acting skills in various films like True Romance, Heaven & Earth, and Krampus.

After playing many broadways, Conchata made her television acting debut with the 1974 series, Maude. Furthermore, the actress has also been part of many trending television series like ER, L.A. LAW, Teen Angel, Friends, and The Ranch.

Berta In Two and A Half Men

Conchata was one of the major actress from the Two and A Half Men series. First, the actress worked with a recurring role in the show’s first series as Berta, an outspoken housekeeper. Besides, Conchata later began appearing as a series regular from its second season until the twelveth season of the series.

Ferrell showcased her acting ability in 211 episodes of the series for nearly twelve years. Thanks to her consistent performance in the series, she was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award under the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2005 and 2007.

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Conchata Ferrell’s Married Life

Conchata Ferrell is a married woman. She walked down the aisle with her soulmate, Arnie Anderson, in the mid-80s. Moreover, the wedding was held in a private ceremony among their close friends and family.

The couple, as of now, is together for three decades and shares a strong bond. As of now, the duo is happily enjoying one another’s company as partners.

Mother Of One Daughter

Ferrell is a blessed mother of her only daughter, Samantha Anderson. Samantha was born in 1982 from Conchata’s relationship with Arnie.

On the other hand, Ferrell is also a mother of her two stepdaughters from Arnie’s former affairs.

Conchata Ferrell Movies

Title Role Director
Maude Rita Valdez Hal Cooper
Hot l Baltimore April Green Bob LaHendro
Deadly Hero Slugger Ann Ivan Nagy
Barbara Schlesinger Sidney Lumet
The Rockford Files Ella Mae White Reza Badiyi
Nurse Cassidy Jerry Belson TV short
Nurse Gibbons Alan Rafkin TV series (1 episode: “Nancy Breaks a Leg”)
Nurse Rinehart George Schaefer TV movie
Miss Johnson Gerren Keith TV series (1 episode: “Willona, the Fuzz”)
Phyllis McDermott Herbert Kenwith TV series (1 episode: “The Singles Bar”)
A Death in Canaan Rita Parsons Tony Richardson
Dodie Hart George Schaefer (2) TV movie
The Love Boat Bitsy Sheldon Roger Duchowny
Elinore Randall Stewart Richard Pearce
Marge Kim Friedman TV movie
The Fox Bruce Bilson TV series (2 episodes)
Wilhemina ‘The Fox’ Johnson Several directors TV series (4 episodes)
The Seduction of Miss Leona Hazel Dawson Joseph Hardy
Toni Owens Russ Mayberry TV movie
Helen Peter Levin TV movie
Mrs. Messinger Edward Parone TV series (2 episodes)
CBS Afternoon Playhouse Mamie Trotter Jeffrey Hayden
Vangie Cruise Vincent McEveety TV movie (pilot for TV series McClain’s Law)
Myra Wexler Peter Levin (2) TV series (1 episode: “Drifters”)
Wilhemina ‘The Fox’ Johnson Christian I. Nyby II TV series (1 episode: “B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers: Part 2”)
Quincy, M.E. Mrs. Werner Georg Fenady
Captain Burnsite Lamont Johnson TV movie
Charlene Reza Badiyi (2) TV series (1 episode: “High Steel”)
St. Elsewhere Gina Barnett Mark Tinker
Faye Doyle Michael Dinner TV series (1 episode: “Miss Lonelyhearts”)
Nurse Sylvia Kaye Lee H. Katzin TV movie
Nadia Mili Simonescu Alan Cooke
Thumbelina’s Mother Michael Lindsay-Hogg TV series (1 episode: “Thumbelina”)
Dr. Gardner Corey Blechman TV movie
E/R Nurse Joan Thor Peter Bonerz
This Is the Life
Sharron Miller TV series (1 episode: “The Stranger”)
Doc Norman Harry Falk TV movie
Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story Ida Sinclair Richard T. Heffron
Mother Marta Christopher Cain
Helen Potts Marshall W. Mason TV movie
Mrs. Reese Alan Cooke (2) TV series (1 episode: “The Sisters”)
Night Court Nurse Jim Drake
Judge Ida Gruff Reza Badiyi (3) TV series (1 episode: “Jagged Sledge”)
Jan Rudy Hugh Wilson TV series (1 episode: “The Bridge”)
Mary John Korty TV movie
Hooperman Eva Parker Rick Wallace
Mrs. Bobrucz John G. Avildsen
Frances James Eric Hornbeck TV series (1 episode: “Housekeepers Unite”)
Tough Habit Dick Miller TV series (1 episode: “Tough Habit”)
Kate David Trainer TV series (1 episode: “Old Money”)
Leona Donald Petrie
Aunt Jill Ron Underwood TV series (1 episode: “Runaway Ralph”)
George Miller TV Movie
Mrs. Sturgeon Harry Shearer
L.A. Law Susan Bloom / Lorna Landsberg Several directors
A Peaceable Kingdom Kate Galindo Mark Waxman
Harriet Lundgren John Llewellyn Moxey TV series (1 episode: “Something Borrowed, Someone Blue”)
Specialist Mononaghee Anson Williams TV Movie
Annie James A. Contner TV series (1 episode: “The Hot Dog Man”)
Hollywood Dog
William Dear TV movie
Flo Noel Nosseck TV movie
Helen Tim Burton
Deadly Intentions… Again? Joan James Steven Sadwith
Martha Burke Rod Holcomb TV movie
Ann Bedowski Richard Michaels TV movie
Hearts Afire Dr. Madeline Stoessinger / Dr. Ruth Colquist Several directors
The Legend of Prince Valiant Girl (voice)
TV series (1 episode: “The Sage”)
Shelly (voice) Bruce Bilson (2) TV series (1 episode: “Dirty Dancin'”)
Mrs. Romeyo Scott M. Rosenfelt
Mrs. Chattle TBA TV series (1 episode: “Keeping the Peace”)
Mary Louise Ravencroft Tony Scott
Bobby Gutner Jorge Montesi TV series (1 episode: “Honeymoon Hideaway”)
Bernice Oliver Stone
Samurai Cowboy Bobbi Bob Pickette Michael Keusch
Nurse Bruce Schwartz
Roxanne (voice) Jeff McGrath TV series (2 episodes)
The Buccaneers Mrs. Elmsworth Philip Saville
Willamina Bubask (voice)
TV series (1 episode: “How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?”)
Rue James Quinn TV series (1 episode: “The Way Things Never Were”)
Freeway Mrs. Sheets Matthew Bright
Mrs. Daisy Gotschel
TV series (1 episode: “The Ungrateful Dead”)
Lureen Smith Michael Preece TV series (1 episode: “Miracle at Middle Creek”)
Dr. Kate Lowe Jack Bender TV movie
Marge Pamela Fryman TV series (2 episodes)
Woman Truck Driver Peter Segal
Touch Virginia Worrel Paul Schrader
TV series (1 episode: “Frightful Halloween Bash”)
Simpah (voice) Denise Downer TV series (1 episode: “Clockwise/Gromble Soup”)
Teen Angel Pam Several directors
Modern Vampires Wanda Richard Elfman
Maxine Mansfield Robby Benson TV series (1 episode: “Muddy for Nothing”)
Nurse Greenliegh David Semel TV series (1 episode: “Go Fish”)
Touched by an Angel Irene Noel Nosseck
Shawn’s Mother Gil Junger TV series (1 episode: “Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine’s Day”)
Deanne Terrence O’Hara TV series (1 episode: “Second Sight”)
The Judge Gary Halvorson TV series (1 episode: “The One with Joey’s Porsche”)
Mrs. Patterson
TV series (1 episode: “Crying’s Okay”)
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia Bella Rob Schmidt
Brenda Steven Soderbergh
Rosa Hernandez Richard Compton TV series (1 episode: “Support”)
Helen Wilson Sidney J. Furie TV series (1 episode: “Answered Prayers”)
Ma Munchapper (voice) Steve Loter TV series (3 episodes)
Harriet (voice) Carol Millican TV series (1 episode: “Time Flies”)
Stranger Inside Mama Cass Cheryl Dunye
Calamity Jones Ryan Murphy TV series (1 episode: “The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated”)
Dr. Greer (voice) Rob Davies TV series (1 episode: “The Next Gen”)
Bev Lloyd Kramer TV movie
Nurse Lucy TBA TV series (1 episode: “I Know Why the Caged Rhino Sings”)
Mrs. Jenkins Christopher Misiano TV series (1 episode: “Four Corners”)
Betty McAllister Iain Softley
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch The Bus Driver Beth Broderick
Jan Steven Brill
Martha Lisa Cholodenko TV series (1 episode: “The Letter of the Law”)
Becker Zora Chris Brougham
Maxine’s Co-Worker Alan Myerson TV series (1 episode: “Kilt Trip”)
Grizzly Bear (voice) Dean Criswell TV series (1 episode: “The Wild Snob-berry”)
Two and a Half Men Berta Several directors
Surviving Eden Rosemary Flotchky Greg Pritikin
Kabluey Kathleen Scott Prendergast
Frankenweenie Bob’s Mom (voice) Tim Burton (2)
Not That, But Something Like That Benjamin Hasko Short
Postal Jerks Carmelita James Skinner
Mrs. Flanks Tony E. Valenzuela
Sister Agrippina Colin Theys TV movie
Krampus Aunt Dorothy Michael Dougherty
Postal Jerks Carmelita James Skinner
Grace and Frankie Grandma Jean Trent O’Donnell
The Axe Murders of Villisca Mrs. Flanks Tony E. Valenzuela
The Ranch Shirley Don Reo
A Very Nutty Christmas Clara Colin Theys
Deported Betsy Tyler Spindel
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Quick Facts about Conchata Ferrell

  • Conchata Ferrell loves to play video games.
  • She graduated with a degree in history from Marshall University.
  • She made her first onstage performance in 1969.
  • Ferrell is also known as Chatty.
  • She was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award three times in her career.

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