Drishyam Films’ Rammat Gammat wins Best Short Film For Children at Cinema Crianza

Drishyam Films’ short film in Gujarati, Rammat Gammat (My Best Friend’s Shoes), has won the Best Short Film For Children award at the Spanish international children’s film festival, Cinema Crianza. It was the grand winner in the Buxainas category. It was the only Indian short to be honoured.

The festival was held from 15 to 18 November. The producers Drishyam Films shared the news of its big win today.

The story, written by Yogi Sinha and Ajitpal Singh, revolves around two young boys, the game of football and a pair of missing shoes. The short film also explores the larger issues of caste and discrimination in its screenplay.

Rammat Gammat, which loosely translates to fun and games in Gujarati, had its world premiere at the 64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in Germany where it was honoured with a special mention.

The 18-minute short film was shot in Gujarat by cinematographer Tojo Xavier and stars Shivam Math, Yash Patel, and Swati Das.

The producers plan to release the short film on their YouTube channel at some point.

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