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The movie industry has seen plenty of notable performances over the years, but those featuring actor and filmmaker Dustin Hoffman are not easily forgotten. Here we take a look at the impressive life and career of one of America’s most successful male actors.

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Dustin Hoffman has starred in plenty of blockbuster hits since his career took off in the 1970s

Early Life

Dustin Hoffman is a native of Los Angeles, California where he was born in August of 1937. His father was a set decorator for Columbia Pictures, so even before Hoffman’s career began, his family already ties to the film industry. Hoffman attended Los Angeles High School where he graduated and went on to enroll at Santa Monica College with intentions of pursuing a medical degree. However, after one year he dropped out and decided he wanted to become an actor, joining the historic performing arts center Pasadena Playhouse to become one of the theatre’s most notable alumni. He later moved to New York City where he worked various jobs and landed a few roles on Broadway. Like many aspiring actors, it only took one opportunity to launch him to stardom. Hoffman’s breakout role came in 1976 where he was cast as the male lead in The Graduate, the movie that quickly turned the actor into a household name.

Movie Career and Accomplishments

The 1970s were then dominated by an entire host of Hoffman performances, from All The President’s Men (1976) to Straight Time (1978), and the smash hit, Kramer and Kramer (1979) for which he won an Oscar, Hoffman’s performances were poignant and moving. However, despite starring in dozens of movies, the film he is most remembered for is undoubtedly Rain Man (1988). Here, he starred along Tom Cruise in a heart-gripping drama about two long-lost brothers that come together to embark on a cross-country road trip after they learn their father has suddenly died. The film has also been called one of the best ‘blackjack-inspired’ movies of all time as the plot focuses on Raymond Babbitt’s (played by Hoffman) incredible capabilities for card counting. Raymond and Charlie (played by Tom Cruise) end up in different Las Vegas casinos where Raymond plays standard Blackjack with six 52-card decks, better known as the purest version that exists of the game. In later interviews it was revealed that Hoffman did indeed need to train in his knowledge of Blackjack to make the scenes look realistic. Rain Man was received incredibly well by audiences and critics, garnering two Oscars- one for Best Picture and another Best Actor award for Hoffman.

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Although the 5 foot 4 actor has often been criticizing for lacking the attractive physical qualities that come with being an A-list performer, Hoffman’s emotionally captivating acting proves he is a force to be reckoned with on-screen, even if he is a bit unconventional. Hoffman’s has received numerous other awards including a Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, Drama Desk, and British Academy Film award. Now 84 years old, the actor’s latest movies have been predominantly voice jobs and romantic comedies.

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Winning an Oscar is the highest honour in the film industry, and one that Dustin Hoffman is more than familiar with  

Personal Life

In May of 1969, Hoffman married fellow movie star Anne Bryne. They were together for a little over a decade until they split and the actor re-married American businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen in October 1980. The two have been together ever since and currently reside in Los Angeles. Hoffman’s main hobbies include playing music, as he was an avid player of the piano for much of his early life.

Net Worth

Clearly one of the most well-known actors in American film, it isn’t surprising that Hoffman has managed to rack up the big bucks over the years. Currently, Hoffman has a estimated net worth of $100 million, yet is continuing to be casted for new jobs which will raise this number even higher. His latest movie entitled Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood is set to begin filming later this year. Hoffman will play a studio executive and act alongside Aidan Turner, Sam Neill, and Eileen Atkins.

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