Film industry is a market: Baahubali writer Manoj Muntashir

Baahubali writer Manoj Muntashir says the film industry is a market and every market has its own set of rules.

“The film industry is a market and every market has its own set of rules. The primary one being — the limelight is focused on the most selling commodities,” Muntashir told IANS over an email.

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“Till the time your words are dependent on big-ticket actors, foreign locations, multi-crore budgets, forget about the desired respect and accolades.

“The moment your words have an identity of their own, they have a value independent of the gimmicks surrounding them, automatically limelight shifts to you,” he added while responding to the query whether lyricists and dialogue writers are getting their due in Hindi cinema.

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“Legends like Sahir [Ludhianvi], Majrooh [Sultanpuri], Anand Bakshi, Salim-Javed have been the most celebrated writers of all times. They commanded their share of prominence, we have to command ours, there are no free lunches in this world,” he added.

What are his future projects?

“Being a workaholic, I don’t know what to do with my time if I am not writing. Obviously, multiple projects are in motion right now: Lyrics for Saina Nehwal biopic, Cheat India, Body and Notebook.”

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