Here’s why Priyanka Chopra chose to work in Netflix film Isn’t It Romantic

Actress Priyanka Chopra says it is funny to admit the reason behind saying ‘yes’ to Hollywood film Isn’t It Romantic (2019).

Isn’t It Romantic tells the story of a New York architect Natalie (Rebel Wilson) who works hard to get noticed at her job, but is more likely to be asked to deliver coffee and bagels than to design. Chopra essays the role of a yoga ambassador. It is available on Netflix.

“Actually, it is very funny to admit this but the film happened to be perfectly within the schedule of my free time,” Chopra told IANS.

“It was being shot in New York. I was in between season two and season three of [television show] Quantico. And had one and a half month off and we were shooting at exactly that time. So it made perfect sense,” she added.

The actress says she loved the story.

“And I love Rebel. She is the producer in the film. She has made the movie for herself. It is her first leading role. And I thought of all these things like supporting her through it and playing a really funny character with an amazing cast.”

She described the script as clever.

“It makes fun of all the romantic comedies that we all loved and at the same time we all end up watching a romantic comedy as well. That was amazing about it.”

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