How to Buy Blazer Buttons

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These days, blazer is a very versatile garment and considered to be a suitable attire for various situations regardless if it’s business informal, casual or business casual. It may be worn with different kinds of clothes that range from shirts and ties to an open necked shirt. If you’re starting to build your wardrobe, keep in mind that the blazer would be your garment when it comes to versatility.

Blazers must fit like suit jackets and other men prefer for these to fit like sport coats, which means a bit looser and wider with a little more length, yet aside from that, nothing’s special here and all of the rules including proper sleeve length apply to blazers as well. When it comes to shoulder padding or canvas many double breasted blazers would have more structured canvas and other shoulder padding, yet with the fame of Neapolitan jacket, you’ll find more unlined blazers with soft interlining and no shoulder padding. Although there’s no objective wrong or right, what makes you feel great and what looks good are what really matters.

If you are out to find the best blazer buttons, there are various options you can choose from. But, before you select any supplier, you have to consider some things first. One of the factors to consider is the finish of blazer buttons. Usually, readymade suits have polished buttons and matte ones are ideal for Savile Row suits. If you like to associate with the latter and not former, you must consider matte buttons.

Apart from the finish, you have to take for consideration of the material. Natural materials including corozo and horn are tougher compared to plastic. They have a surface that’s patterned and differs subtly between buttons. In terms of color, dark colors are more formal and often look better with dark shoes and dark suits.

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