It’s a milestone that The Last Color was screened at 13th Dallas International Film Festival: Director Vikas Khanna

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, whose directorial debut The Last Color got two screenings at the 13th Dallas International Film Festival, is glad the film has made a splash internationally.

The film is written by Khanna himself. Its teaser was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival last year, and the film premiered at the Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

“We are super excited that our film is making splash at all major international film festivals. It’s a milestone for us that the movie was screened at the 13th Annual Dallas International Film Festival and the tickets were sold out for both the shows. It has also reassured us of the faith and confidence we had placed in the project,” Khanna said in a statement.

The movie follows the friendship between a young tight-rope walker and a widow named Noor in Vrindavan. The duo yearns to play with colours on the occasion of Holi, but Noor and the other widows are held back by tradition. The film raises pertinent societal issues around women empowerment, girl child education and their right to live with dignity.

Widows in white standing along Vrindavan streets on Holi broke my heart: Vikas Khanna

Khanna said: “It is a film that deals with universal themes around hope, friendship and the triumph of human spirit and connects with audiences globally transcending all barriers.”

Veteran actress Neena Gupta plays one of the lead characters in the movie, along with real-life street children who were trained in workshops for months to bring alive the story in a simple cadence. The film has been shot by Subhranshu Das, and produced by Bindu Khanna, Poonam Kaul and Jitendra Mishra under the banner of House Of Omkar.

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