Jeet turns entertainer in absurd Baccha Shoshur trailer

The trailer of Biswaroop Biwas’s upcoming film Baccha Shoshur is out now. Written by Pavel, the comedy drama features Jeet (Jeetendra Madnani), Koushani Mukherjee, Chiranjeet Chakraborty and Urmimala Bose.

In Bachcha Shosur, Jeet enacts the character of Spandan, who gets married to Jonaki, played by Mukherjee. Their happily married life comes to a standstill when Spandan begins to hear his father-in-law’s voice in his son, who is apparently a brat. However, when Spandan takes him to the doctors, it appears that only he hears his father-in-law’s voice in his child and doesn’t get the mystery behind it.

There is also a parallel story in which Spandan is shown to be interacting with his dreaded father-in-law played by Chakraborty. The visuals hint to some incidents from the past before Spandan’s marriage to Jonaki. In those sequences, Spandan is seen to be intimidated by his father-in-law, who puts him in a fix.

The trailer suggests that the past trauma still haunts him in the present and hence, he hears his father-in-law’s voice in his son. Spandan takes the help of doctors and black magic; however, when nothing seems to work, his son’s apparent outrageous behaviour gets the worst out of him and the latter starts beating him up.

Needless to say, the entire story of the film has been told in the trailer in a fast forward mode. The trailer shows Jeet in his usual entertainer avatar rather than as an actor.

The trailer itself declares the story to be absurd, filled with slapstick comedy and loud performances by all the actors.

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Baccha Shoshur is slated for release on 8 February.

Watch the trailer below:


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