Members of Krishnanagar Municipality Corporation mistreat singer Iman Chakraborty, team

National Award-winning singer Iman Chakraborty was recently harrassed by the organisers at an event of the Krishnanagar Municipality Corporation. After singing for two hours, Chakraborty, along with her fellow musicians and manager, was detained by the members of the Corporation, that claimed that she had sung only for one hour. The members also used abusive language to address and threaten her if she tried to come out. Eventually, the common people and the audience came to their rescue.

In a Facebook Live video, Chakraborty shared the disgraceful incident and narrated how badly the entire team was treated from the beginning of the event. They were paid a total amount of only Rs15,000 and were accommodated in a guesthouse where no one reportedly offered either tea or water. Nobody came to escort or direct them towards the venue from the guesthouse, she claimed in the video.

“The organisers often consider us (musicians and artistes) to be commodities that they have bought with money. These National Awards and all nothing mean to them. They have molested my younger brother, my uncle and have used abusive language to address me. The worst part was that they closed the doors and even detained Krishna da, who is in charge of my security. Young boys and sisters of Krishnanagar finally rescued us,” stated an enraged Chakraborty.

Chakraborty specifically expressed her gratitude to the rescuers and clarified that the hooligans of the Corporation had no right to mistreat her. “I believe those who love me and also do not love me will stand against this shameful act and help me get justice. I will not leave them in peace till they do not submit a written apology to me. I will go to any extent to bring justice [sic],” Chakraborty said.

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