Moushumi Chatterjee moves HC against son-in-law for guardianship of comatose daughter

Yesteryear actress Moushumi Chatterjee and husband Jayanta Mukherjee have filed a petition with the Bombay high court seeking access to their daughter Payal, who is currently in a comatose state, as per a report in Indiatoday.com. The couple have accused their son-in-law Dicky Sinha of not allowing them to meet Payal. 

They have appealed to the high court to appoint them as her legal guardians. The matter will be heard in court today (24 November). 

Payal, who suffers from juvenile diabetes, married Sinha in 2010. She had been in and out of hospital since April 2017. Her condition deteriorated further and she has been in a comatose state. 

As per the petition, when Payal was discharged from hospital in April this year, Sinha took her home and hired nurses to treat her. However, her parents have accused him of stopping Payal’s physiotherapy and of not changing her diet as per the doctor’s instructions. They have also accused him of allegedly stopping the payments of the nurses. 

Further, the parents claim that Sinha isn’t granting them access to Payal and is not showing them her medical papers either. The petition states that her husband has “begun preventing them from visiting her [Payal] by alleging that since he is her lawfully wedded husband, he has acquired a greater right to care for her than the parents.” 

The report also states that the Chatterjee’s lawyer Samarth Moray has filed a complaint with the Khar Police Station urging them to take action in order to save Payal’s life.

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