Nashibvaan is my first film after Babu Band Baja that will reach the audience, says Mitali Jagtap

Actress Mitali Jagtap’s career got a tremendous boost when she received the National Award for Best Actress for her role in the Marathi film Babu Band Baja (2012). But following that film, none of her roles reached a large audience.

“After Babu Band Baaja, Nashibvaan is the first film that is about to reach the audiences at large. So, I am very happy about it because when I came here from Aurangabad I had vowed to make the audience proud through my work,” she said in conversation with Cinestaan.com.

Admitting that she became a victim of stereotyping, Jagtap said, “There has been a stamp on me that I do only one type of role [poor housewife]. Because of this, I have refused many offers,” she said.

Although she is also playing a housewife in Nashibvaan, she says that the depth of the character and her transformation later is not something she has not done before. “I am playing Baban’s [Bhau Kadam’s] wife Geeta. She is a housewife and mother and her only aim is her family’s happiness. But when her family faces a problem, this ordinary woman takes a firm decision and tries to get her family out of it,” she added.

Jagtap informed that she looks at the depth of a character, not its length when okaying a film. She asserted that she is interested in roles that offer something new.

The actress claimed to have done at least one movie every year after Babu Band Baja, but sometimes remained unaware if they were even released. “Very few people saw it. Sometimes I get to know from other people that some film of mine has released. I myself don’t know sometimes when my film releases,” she said.

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Although reaching the audience with this film is crucial for her, she is not thinking about the box office. “All I want is that the film should reach those who want to watch my work,” she said.

Nashibvaan will be released on 11 January.

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