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New LEGO Batman Sets Being Released for the 80th Anniversary

Warner Bros. is making a big deal out of the 80th anniversary of Batman, and part of that big deal includes a new line of LEGO sets. Of course, The Dark Knight is no stranger to LEGO having a wide variety of sets not to mention his own LEGO movie, but these are some nice additions that will be available this summer.

Here’s quick rundown of the new sets:

  • Freeze Batcycle Battle – 200 Pieces – $19.99
  • Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker – 342 Pieces – $29.99
  • Batwing and The Riddler Heist – 489 Pieces – $49.99
  • Batcave Clayface Invasion – 1,038 Pieces – $99.99
  • Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery – 59 Pieces – $9.99
  • Batman and The Joker Escape – 171 Pieces – 171 Pieces

All of these sets will be available on August 1st except for “Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle”, which will be available on July 1st at Walmart.

Out of these sets, the Batcave battle with Clayface definitely looks the coolest, but I like the wide assortment of vehicles they’re doing, and for fans that want the updated Batman (the one with the yellow outline on his chest emblem), they’ll probably want to pick up at least one of these.

Check out images of the sets below.

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