JayR Tinaco is Netflix's Another Life actor

Non-Binary Actor Jayr Tinaco Earned Thousands from Netflix; Here’s How!

Born Name JayR Tinaco
Birth Place Queensland, Australia
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color Light Brown
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Filipino-Australian
Profession Actor
Net Worth $150 thousand
Weight 70 kilograms
Age 30 years

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Jayr Tinaco is a popular Australian actress and an Instagram personality, who is gradually paving a path to a beautiful star-studded future.

Currently, in their early days in Hollywood, the non-binary figure got their big break on Netflix’s brand new series Another Life. So, how did the lad from Queensland endured such achievement so quick?

Big Break on Netflix’s Another Life

Without a doubt, the Australian actor, Jayr Tinaco endured the greatest year of their career in 2019 since they signed for Netflix‘s science-fictional series Another Life in a recurring role.

The web series premiered its first season on July 25, 2019. The Netflix sci-fi show is expected to be renewed for further two seasons but has not been confirmed yet. Their co-actors in the brand new series were Samuel Anderson, A.J Rivera, and Blu Hunt as their co-actors in the sci-fi series.

Netflix-Bound Actor

JayR’s acquisition with Another Life also helped them to get a role in Netflix’s Always be My Maybe in May 2019. It was their second project with the billion worthed American entertainment company and maybe there is more to the journey together in the future.

YouTube: JayR Tinaco’s Netflix movie ‘Always Be My Maybe’ s trailer.

Non-binary, Tinaco believes that Another Life helped them to identify themselves better since the show pictured a future without any gender diversity and outside binary helping them live with joy and happiness.

Made an Affluent Fortune so Young

The multi-talented star has just got into limelight in 2019 and has earned themselves a staggering net worth of $150,000. But how did the Queensland beauty made such huge wealth so quick?

The Australian has appeared in eight significant credits with TV series like Rake, short series like The Wake and Drown. The 30-years old Tinaco owns a house in Los Angeles, California.

Gender a Mystery; Now and Forever

JayR Tinaco is genderqueer who has not yet disclosed about their sexual orientation till date and never would. Their official Instagram bio suggests that the Netflix star would never confirm that detail.

Unquestionably, the actor represents the LGBTQ community in the Hollywood industry with pride. The actor identifies themselves as Non-Binary; neither masculine nor feminine.

Body Measurements

The non-binary actor has a well-built body physique as they are 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm) and weighs 70 kilograms.

Another Life‘s Zayn has a chest, waist, and hips of 38, 30 and 36 inches respectively. The elegant personality looks appealing with a light browned eye color and dark brown hair color.

Quick Facts: Jayr Tinaco

  • JayR Tinaco is an Australian but later moved to the States to pursue their acting dream.
  • Before rising into stardom, the actor used to work as a bartender.
  • Tinaco saw reputed Hollywood actors, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg as their inspiration while growing up.
  • The Netflix actor had a tough childhood as guys bullied them by beating and abusing them in school.
  • They hated science fiction as a child and used to love vampire stuff.
  • Luckily, Tinaco and their non-binary was accepted and supported in Hollywood unlike in Australia.

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