Prem Amar 2 trailer looks like typical love story with nothing new to offer

The trailer of Bidula Bhattacharya’s upcoming film Prem Amar 2 was launched online yesterday. Starring Adrit Roy, Puja Cherry and Sourav Das, the film attempts to tell a different story from Prem Amar (2009) directed by Raj Chakraborty.

From the trailer, it appears that the film tells a typical love story of a boy and a girl who go against their families to stick together.

Apurba (Cherry) is new to the colony where Joy (Roy) and Soumya (Das) live. The bold Puja sneaks out of the house with Joy and Soumya for fun. While Soumya starts to assume that Apurba is in love with him and goes to propose her, the latter turns him down, saying that she is in love with Joy.

While both Joy and Apurba fall madly in love with each other, their carefree attitude gets them in trouble as they get caught spending time together at Joy’s home by his parents. Apurba’s mother too puts restrictions on her. Meanwhile, Soumya too adds to their trouble and Joy gets involved in a series of violent conflicts.

Apurba is forced to get engaged, but Joy is adamant on getting her out of the situation and marry her. Apurba also begs of him to give up violence. At the end of the trailer, two of them are seen to be promising each other to be together forever.

Roy and Cherry made their debut in Bengali film Noor Jahaan (2018) and they appeared in almost similar kinds of characters in the film. There is a lot of melodrama and the action scenes in the trailer are overdone. The trailer, in short, promises nothing fresh in terms of performance, story or music.

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Prem Amar 2 is slated to be released on 25 January.

Watch the trailer below:


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