Ranveer Singh seeks freedom from social, political injustice

Only days before Gully Boy hits the screens, the makers have released a video to the ‘Azadi’ track. The song is a recreation of Dub Sharma’s ‘Azadi’. Sharma collaborates with hip hop artiste DIVINE for the film Gully Boy.

The original track by Dub Sharma hit out at casteism and politics of hatred. The recreation is in line with the Gully Boy story, and the frustration of its lead character Murad Sheikh (Ranveer Singh).

Murad seeks azadi (independence) from the social injustice. He hits out at the corrupt political system that only exploits the poor like him for electoral gains. His frustration also leads him to a dangerous profession — carjacking.

Racism, nepotism, fairness cream brands, land sharks get called out in the anthem, which becomes a voice for victims of the unjust social and political system. Murad seeks to escape this cage of injustice.

Dub Sharma takes care of the Punjabi lyrics, while DIVINE vents out in Hindi. As he is the voice of Murad, DIVINE naturally overpowers Sharma. More than the voice, it is the message that hooks you to the song.

There is not much change in the music from the original, but the Gully Boy track is more appealing.

Watch the ‘Azadi’ track below:

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