Rebellion meets rap meets rock in the new ‘daaku’ song

Rap seems to be the all the rage and finds its way into Abhishek Chaubey’s deserted Chambal ravines as well.

In the latest song from the film Sonchiriya, Abhishek Naliwal takes on the task of blending his free-flowing verse with a heavy rock based rhythm to create ‘The Daaku Anthem’.

The song’s visuals are built around the same template of the trailer released earlier, with several scenes taken directly. The only difference is perhaps the sight of the dacoits preparing, as the intensity of the battle goes up so does the intensity of the music.

Ketan Sodha’s composition begins with an impressive bass electric riff that powers the rest of the song.

Together with Naliwal’s staccato verses, the composition takes on an impressive colour. However, the lyrics of the song do not hold much appeal. The song only picks up towards the middle portion as the guitar ups its pace, bringing a hypnotic movement to the composition.

Naliwal’s raspy voice goes well with the style of the song. But it is the guitars of Vivek Dayal that truly catch your attention.

Sonchiriya will be released in theatres on 1 March.

Watch the song below:


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