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Sirjana Subba is an actress. She has recently been involved in the movie Panche Baja, Loot, Loot. 2. Suburb is the famous name of Nepali Nepali. He is still in the playstation, which started acting acting from the stage. She does not have to learn acting in the film and decide to make a movie trip. Although he is not filming. He has acted only in a few films, which does not affect the time given to the drama.

Creating 6th grade Was 13 years old. One day Fupu said ‘Go to watch movies tomorrow’. He had a long life on that day. There was no sleep throughout the night. Chhattishee continued.

Hindi movie was that, name he does not remember. However, it seems like he thought he could not even imagine the movie. What kind of It’s hard to say Balance was Good news was not a mature age to distinguish. The story did not get tale to create. Heroes could not touch the heart. Hirooni settled in a heart, until a week. Only heroin dancers that danced, she only made her mind. For a week, he had a face of heroin in the brain. She felt like that.

Creating the same movie made in the temple – I also become Bholiparsi similar heroin and do not dance and touch.

The patio house was great. So every year there was a rehearsal in his house for pilgrims. She did not dance too. Mother did not like her daughter to be active in the dance drama.

Kaikka, born in Tiravara, also danced. The elder father was choreographer. Kaakala directed the drama to show in the village.

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Even though there was no convenient stage, Kapala sold a ticket with colorful curtains, and it was a practice to play drama, and it should have the effect of awakening for the drama.

He played a record in the cassette drama. The story of Vigilant and the reunion, many times, I stopped creating a drama drama.

The family used to go to Hong Kong. His relatives were still there. Creation was also called to go to Hong Kong. The family pressured. Although the flow of time increased her age, she did not run ‘inner plan’. Standing at the edge of the heart was heavy. Dream to be heroin. He did not specify that.

She came to Kathmandu with a visit to Kathmandu to stay in Hong Kong. It was 10 days. In the case of Kakka’s manpower, he did not stay in the reception until he came to another person. She also started to go. Even though there was no meeting, the meeting of the village’s lunch was found in Manipur. He is modeling.

Preparing a concert was going too far, she did not say that she was invited to attend. Creating it is created. They would be a participant. Preparation has begun. They came late but also joined.

In the competition, he did not take a quick run-up in Katwak.

Creation was to work in the movie by coming to Kathmandu. She came to Kathmandu by taking the same plan. She had told her only to my sister Mughu.

During Katwakak, she met Dinesh Adhikari, a director of dance. He said, “If you want to be a hero, you should learn a dance, now prepare for a new year’s program.” Sering the advice of Dinesh, he reached the Capital Art Center to learn the dance. He met Lokendra writer at that time. He urged the creation of the regional regional play competition as well. Creation was not enough. Pokhara reached to Pokhara. The drama’s name was ‘Manna’. His team got the ‘Best Drama Performance’ award. Even more important, he got the title ‘Best Actor. Get certificates with 12 thousand cash. Life was the second biggest success for them.

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His first full page photo was printed in ‘Female’ magazine. I’m not happy. Keep doing it

His first drama is ‘Manna’. The act ‘Trolling Tulkas’ plays after acting on actors studio. Creating it appears in a small character.

‘Kumarji commands’ is his preliminary stage of play. He also linked a reminder with this drama. That is – a large color photograph printed in ‘Kathmandu Post’.

Mandela Theater is the first drama of her name, ‘Charanadas Thief’. Rajan Khatiwada, Diyahan Rai and his Mandla’s house had been assembled, at the same time ‘Charendas thief’. Only later, the other Mandela was gathered. Mandela is born by the creators. Now the name of creation creates the name with the drama.

The movie is just a way found in the box. In the beginning, the film continued to be very intense, even after adding to the drama, the creation began to rejoice. Began to live in the drama

‘Voice’ is his first movie. She is very well known in this film based on the story of Maoist People’s War.

Nishal Basnet made ‘robbers’. Diyahanang, Saugat Mall and all the artists were sure. A female character was needed. Diyang said, “Creation is a small cine in the hotel, you do. Mind nails, small rolls, not heroin. Voice is heard only, “said.

Could not say creation She was in the Appeal of the Saga. She recalls the creation of her face as a result of the sales and rehearsal rehearsals.

Become a ‘robbed’ blockbuster. Walking on the road, says ‘Butterfly’. Be pleased with him

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