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Sister Rangoli rips into Krish as ice-cool Kangana goes on a skiing holiday

Kangana Ranaut had earlier slammed her Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi co-director Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, better known as Krish.

The aggrieved filmmaker then responded to dismiss Ranaut’s claims as lies. Now, Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel has taken it upon herself to attack Krish.

Chandel posted a series of tweets criticizing Krish and his team. “When the producer is saying Kangana has shot 70% then why are you going to some technician who was there for a few portions? Moreover, I have asked you openly to go to Rameshwaram (the editor) and clear everything,” she lashed out at the South filmmaker.

“And when you left the film midway, that also she foresaw? How convenient! That’s why the whole team is with her except for the ones who were kicked out and had no worth to be in longer parts. Ankita Lokhande is the shining star. Why is she not complaining/ Only losers are complaining,” she added.

If Chandel shared screenshots of Ranaut’s messages to Krish and writer Vijayendra Prasad, then Krish, too, began sharing personal messages with his crew that worked on Manikarnika. One assistant, Natasha, claimed that she wanted to leave the film after Krish left, but the director asked her to continue. Natasha claimed that Ranaut lied about shooting a major part of the film and said it was Krish who shot 75% of the portion. 

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“These are the future filmmakers I came out and spoke for, so that they won’t face these humiliations,” tweeted Krish.

Chandel also attacked Krish for saying his team never wanted to work with Ranaut. 

“Your team never worked with Kangana,” she responded. “She had her own camera and AD team, which is credited separately in the film… like we said, you had completed the film from which only 30% is used (which is not shot by you solo but by Nick), so they all can go bla bla,” she chided.

Chandel also slammed Krish for allegedly lying that Ranaut never called him to show the film. 

“Why did you lie you were never called when Kangana clearly called you to show the film?” she fumed. “Yes, it is your film also and that is why you have co-director credit … Also for your screen name or real name you should speak to the producer and stop harassing us!”

While Rangoli Chandel and Krish were locked in a war of words, Ranaut seemed to be unwinding in the Swiss Alps. “Jealous people can take a seat. Queen is slaying like only she can,” her sister also tweeted.

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It does look like the gloves are off and the bickering is only likely to grow. The producers of Manikarnika would, however, be more worried about the film’s box-office run. Manikarnika has bagged Rs49 crore nett in five days, as reported by BoxOfficeIndia.com and will have to do much better in its second weekend it if it is to recover its huge production cost, said to be in excess of Rs100 crore.

Trade sources said the film has struck a Rs40 crore deal for the combined satellite, digital and music rights. Zee, which holds these ancillary rights, is said to have a deal with Amazon Prime Video for the digital streaming rights.

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