Subhrajit Mitra’s Avijatrik brings back the world of Satyajit Ray and The Apu Trilogy

After 60 years, Bengali cinema will return to the world of Apu first created by writer Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay in the 1929 novel Pather Panchali and made famous worldwide by Satyajit Ray’s films. Director Subhrajit Mitra will take forward the story last seen on-screen in Apur Sansar (1959).

The new film titled Avijatrik: The Wanderlust of Apu will also be in black and white like the original trilogy and will be filmed in different parts of India. The story will be based on the concluding part of the 1932 novel Aparajito by Bandopadhyay. It will focus on Apu’s wanderlust and his strong bond between him and his six-year-old son Kajol.

Filmmaker Madhur Bhadarkar has come on board to present the film to a wider audience. He said in a statement, “As a director and a film buff, I have been a great admirer and fan of Satyajit Ray and the journey of Apu always fascinated me. I have known Gaurang Jalan who is co-presenting the film with me, for over a decade now, and hope this will be a visual treat to all film lovers globally, including the Bengali diaspora.”

“With an able team of cast and crew we hope to portray the beautiful tapestry of pure interpersonal relationships; and recreate the magic of Apu with his son, Kajol, to enthral the audiences all over again,” Jalan, who has acquired the rights of the book, added.

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