Subodh Bhave faces an unusual demand in Ek Nirnay trailer

Director Shrirang Deshmukh’s Marathi movie Ek Nirnay is about a couple not able to conceive.

The film tells the story of Ishaan [Subodh Bhave] who is happily married to his wife. His mother [Suhas Joshi] is eager that they have children. However, they are not able to conceive because of a condition he wife suffers from.

Just then, Ishaan’s former girlfriend [Madhura Velankar] re-enters his life. She is a single and independent woman working as a doctor. She expresses her desire to carry the child of Ishaan, and raise it as a single mother. Ishaan and his family members are shocked.

Ek Nirnay has an unusual story, which also appears confusing, maybe because the way the trailer has been cut. The biggest question is why would Ishaan even entertain such a demand from his former girlfriend. Maybe the film will give some more clarity.

Bhave has been consistently delivering high quality performances throughout his career. His last film Ani… Dr Kashinath Ghanekar (2018) added another feather in his illustrious acting cap. He appears promising yet again. Velankar is confident in her role. The film also stars Vikram Gokhale.

Ek Nirnay will be released on 18 January.

Watch the trailer below:

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