Sunny Deol out to defuse ‘live bomb’ Karan Kapadia 

Actor Sunny Deol is back in the action genre. The trailer of his latest action flick Blank has been released today. It’s a unique title for an action film, but that is down to its intriguing story.

Late costume designer Simple Kapadia’s son Karan Kapadia makes his debut with Blank. Kapadia plays a suspected suicide bomber who has lost his memory. He has no idea who planted a live bomb on his chest.

Deol’s character leads the anti-terror squad. The big worry for his character seems to be to trace the terror group who planted the bomb on Karan’s chest. The loss of memory is not helpful either, so Deol is running against time to prevent a major catastrophe.

Karan Kapadia in Blank (2019)

Behzad Khambata makes his directorial debut with Blank. A leading protagonist losing his memory and finding himself on the run is a concept explored in Hollywood’s Jason Bourne franchise.

Khambata seems to have an intriguing story, but the trailer is not that gripping. While Deol still holds the swag, at 62 you can’t expect him to do breathtaking action.

Based on the trailer, newcomer Karan Kapadia doesn’t inspire much confidence as an actor. Actor Jameel Khan, who plays the head of the Islamic terror group, comes across a cliched radical Mullah. Young Ishita Dutta has no dialogue, but is seen in the action scenes. Blank comes across as an over-the-top action drama.

The film will be released on 3 May.

Watch the trailer below:


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