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Sushant Karki is Model. Mushil Karki is the hero of Nepali movie, which has decided to make a movie tour while playing with modeling and modeling. Karki’s Debt’s Mohamed Viyanas (206 9), who was able to get rid of the heroic. Second movie of Sushi is Bindas-II. He has also acted in the film Jalajal. The film was constructed by the main storyline of Jaljala Maoist People’s War. Check biography on IMDb

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The dream is a movie that Karki has acted as a dream, the story of your mine, Mystery, three rotations, and the orange. He is the hero and He is the one who is acting. After reading Chakho in the mother tongue of DVD, when He reads in class 9, after seeing the movie’s hero, a career and a rival’s life, He says that He is thinking that I will become a hero.

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He has also modeling more than two dozen music videos alongside the white screen of the movie. Pokhara’s Miley …, look in your fire …, full day then yala jala, go on the way …, listen me you … and dozens of hit songs He has acted in.

Most artists decide on the white curtains of glass, but Karki is broken on the screen of the glass after he is debuted to the white curtain.

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He tells that the filmmakers should be more serious for the development of film sector, which should remain in the film sector in the coming days. The film, which starred in the historical book Dhumti, puts the idea of ​​bringing the old book and the subject to a new generation.