Suvrat Joshi, Prajakta Mali come together for psychological drama

The teaser to director Shivkumar Parthasarthy’s Marathi movie Dokyala Shot revealed that the film is a love story between a Marathi guy and a south Indian woman. The recently released trailer of the film gives another dimension about the subject. It is also a psychological drama.

Dokyala Shot is about Abhijeet Athalye (Suvrat Joshi) and his three friends who have always been together. He falls in love with a Tamilian girl Subbulakshmi Iyengar (Prajakta Mali) and decides to marry her. However, one day he realizes that he doesn’t know anyone by the name Subbulakshmi. Worse, his marriage is already fixed and almost near.

Abhijeet then remembers that his head had hit a huge stone while he was playing cricket with his friends. This, according to him, is the cause for his misery.

The memory loss or amnesia angle could add a twist to the drama. In the case of Dokyala Shot, the makers have used the psychological condition to also induce humour. The subject does look interesting, at least by the trailer. The only question is the angle of inter-community marriage in such a story. Hopefully it will be answered in the film.

Doklaya Shot will be released on 1 March.

Watch the trailer below:


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