Suyog Gorhe, Mitale Mayekar caught in this tale of friendship and romance

After Party (2018) and the upcoming Dokyala Shot (2019), director Kavishwar Marathe’s Aamhi Befikar (Carefree Us) is yet another Marathi movie that explores friendship between a group of male characters.

Produced under the Harihar Films banner, the film features Suyog Gorhe and Mitali Mayekar in the leading roles. Rahul Patil, Swapnil Kale, Akshay Hadke, and Devroop Sharma, who has also written the screenplay and dialogues, form the rest of the cast.

The teaser of Aamhi Befikar doesn’t reveal much about the story. According to the title, the characters of the film, who are college students, are seen enjoying their lives by going on a trip and trying to impress girls.

The film also has a romantic angle between the characters played by Gorhe and Mayekar. The two have acted together before. But this is the first time that they are cast opposite each other.

Singer Sonu Nigam adds a youthful feel to the teaser with the title song.

The film is the writing and direction debut of Marathe. He is also one of the producers of the film.

Aamhi Befikar will be released on 8 March.

Watch the teaser below:


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