Swapnil Joshi dreams of playing cricket for India at The Lord’s Stadium

The poster of Swapnil Joshi’s next, titled Me Pan Sachin, was released earlier this year. It showed the actor wearing a blue coloured helmet. This coupled with the fact that the title had the name ‘Sachin,’ made one wonder if the film has anything to do with India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. 

But recently in an interview on a YouTube channel, the actor clarified that the film’s story has nothing to do with the former cricketer. 

The teaser of the film, which was recently released, shows that the story revolves around a rural boy [Joshi] who is eager to play cricket for India at the iconic Lord’s Stadium in London, and like many other Indian cricket fans, he considers Tendulkar as the god of cricket.

The teaser suggests that his character becomes a successful player only to leave the game later, and is looking forward to make a comeback. The voiceover of an old man also advises Joshi to never lose hope in life and in a game of cricket.

The only negative here is that Joshi doesn’t look young, even in the scenes that he is supposed to. 

Written and directed by the first-timer Shreyas Jadhav, Me Pan Sachin will be released on 1 February 2019.  

Watch the teaser here:


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