This Marathi crime saga deals with a different subject

The story of the rise of gangsters has been done to death in our movies, especially in Hindi. Generally such films are set in Mumbai and the protagonist is a resident of the city who treads the road to crime owing to circumstances. 

But this is where Pravin Vitthal Tarde’s Mulshi Pattern differs from other underworld sagas. The film deals with the subject of farmers from Mulshi taluka taking on those who have built commercial spaces and residents on the lands they once owned.

Mulshi Pattern is about one such gang headed by a young man (Om Bhutkar). They are known for butchering their targets in a brutal manner. This is their pattern. He is pitted against a hot-headed police officer (Upendra Limaye). The story also has a seasoned criminal (Tarde).

To put it simply, the trailer is powerful. The scenes of murder and chase provide thrills. The Sanskrit mantras played in the background enhance the effect of the crimes playing out on the screen. 

Bhutkar has got a chance to play the lead for the first time and it appears that he has grabbed the opportunity with both hands. The film also stars Mahesh Manjrekar and Mohan Joshi. 

Mulshi Pattern is set to be released on 23 November. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are looking forward to watch this film:

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