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Troopers Season 2 Trailer Teases the Star Wars Parody’s Return

Back in 2011, the intrepid Internet comedians of CollegeHumor decided to spoof one of the most popular sci-fi/fantasy space stories of all time. And thus their love for all things Star Wars, and its ilk, became Troopers, a series of comedic shorts that gained a cult following. Over 20 episodes in the show’s first and only season, fans got to know Rich (Sam Reich) and Larry (Josh Ruben), two Dread-Troopers whose otherwise mundane military lives were complicated by the arrival of a princess (Aubrey Plaza). Troopers fans have been waiting for another season to come to the platform for more than six years now, and we’re happy to tell you that an all-new season will indeed be arriving on CollegeHumor’s uncensored comedy platform DROPOUT … today! As a bonus, we also have the first trailer to exclusively share with you below.

For comedy fans who love sci-fi, Troopers is the ultimate Star Wars parody series that combines stunning special effects and visuals with rich storytelling because it is written by fellow fans who are able to perfectly blend the tropes and nuances of the genre with a unique and comedic voice. Stars this season include Ally Beardsley, Raphael Chestang, Adam Conover (Adam Ruins Everything), and more!

Check out the new, exclusive reveal of the Troopers trailer below, followed by Sam Gilbey‘s awesome new series poster:










While that trailer certainly gives viewers an idea of just where the new season of Troopers will go (and how much the show’s budget has risen in the last six years), fans might be wondering if this is a continuation of the original series’ adventures, a reboot of the overall idea, or a sequel or sorts. Without giving too much away, you’ll find out in the very first episode of the new season just how much of the DNA of the original Troopers is a part of fun this time around…

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As a bonus, check out the new series poster from Gilbey below. Be sure to follow along with the artist’s work over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. And keep an eye out for more from Gilbey about this epic parody poster tomorrow!

New episodes of Troopers are now streaming on CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT.

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