Two kids take on the odds in this sweet children’s film from Sikkim

Little Amrita (Ishika Gurung) and Pranay (Anmol Limboo) have a worried and hushed conversation about their fate in the opening of the Pahuna: The Little Visitors trailer. The two young children, along with their baby brother, Bishal, have escaped the violence from their home country Nepal. Their mother has entrusted them to the care of another Nepali woman who is also fleeing her home.

While the children make the treacherous journey into India with other refugees, Pranay overhears an ominous conversation about where they are headed — a church. He also hears that the priests there eat children.He and his sister conspire to escape to keep their young brother safe. They find an abandoned van in the forest and create a makeshift home, away from interfering adults and the rest of the world.

But their idyllic world doesn’t remain so for long as their van is taken away, and Amrita and Pranay have to find the courage to rescue their brother from the priest who has taken him away.

Produced by Priyanka Chopra and her mother Dr Madhu Chopra under their banner Purple Pebble Pictures, Pahuna had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2017. The film is directed by Paakhi A Tyrewala, who is also making her directorial debut with the Sikkimese film.

Pahuna is due to be released on 7 December 2018.

Watch the trailer below:

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