Vidyut Jammwal becomes wild inhabitant in action-packed Junglee video

 Actor Vidyut Jammwal is back to doing what he knows best — performing mind-blowing action stunts which only he can pull off. His past films, Commando (2013) and Commando 2 (2017), are a testament to his skills. Now he is back with Junglee, showing spectacular animal flow sequences.

The makers have released a video of him going through a process of extreme physical training. The visuals are a part of the film, and so the video is more like another teaser of the film.

The over 40-second footage shows Jammwal alone in a jungle. He is seen riding a bike as fast as he can. He leaves you agape with his acrobatic physical training regime, especially in water. In some scenes he replicates the movements of animals, suggesting his oneness with the wild world.

The scenes are impressively captured by the cinematographer. The playing of Sanskrit mantras in the background add to the thrill.

All in all, Jammwal’s antics heightens our curiosity in the film. Surprisingly, the actor plays a vet who returns to his father’s elephant reserve.

Junglee is directed by Chuck Russell, who is known for directing Hollywood films like The Mask (1994) and The Scorpions King (2002). The film also stars Atul Kulkarni and Makarand Deshpande.

Junglee will be released on 5 April. The first trailer of the film will be out on on 6 March. Incidentally, the film is produced by Junglee Pictures.

Watch the video below:



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