Vinci Da song ‘Tomar Moner Bhetor’: Smart and edgy track apt debut song for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestant Noble

‘Tomar Moner Bhetor’ song from Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming thriller Vinci Da marks the debut of Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestant Nobel. Written and composed by Anupam Roy, the song belonging to the rock music, brings out the suspense elements of the film well.

The promising contestant perhaps could not have a better composition to step into the industry as its suits his singing style and voice aptly. The music arrangement and the fast rhythm accommodate the grim words of the song, allowing it to be smart and edgy.

In the visuals, we see Vinci (Rudranil Ghosh), a professional make-up artiste, making prosthetic masks for performers. As he experiments with his girlfriend (Sohini Sarkar) and puts on a prosthetic mask on her, we see his girlfriend turning unrecognisable. Simultaneously, the words speak of masks in the crowds. They suggest that any hunter can lurk in the bushes and if an attempt is made to look deep into the eyes of strangers, one can see traces of hidden bloodshed and crime.

On the other hand, Ritwick Chakraborty, who plays another protagonist in the film, is seen to be gathering information secretly about his targets. In the trailer, he was revealed as a cold-blooded serial killer, who follows a pattern while selecting his targets. The visuals of the song, features him as planning for his murders. The accompanying lyrics of these sequences, speak of the traces of the murders committed by him. While the darkness of the crime appears to be suffocating, the lines on Lalon Fakir and the destruction of human birth, hints at a deeper objective behind these murders.

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The simple, yet poignant words basically convey that the criminal minds always reside somewhere amidst the apparently sane minds, behind masks, that are hard to recognise from the outside. And it also demands a philosophical explanation behind the relentless crimes that take place in the society.

Vinci Da is slated for release on 12 April.


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