Vivek Anand Oberoi reacts to the Cobrapost ‘Operation Karaoke’ sting

Last month a sting operation carried out by the non-profit media house Cobrapost showed a number of Hindi film personalities willing to put out posts on their social media handles favouring a particular political party for the Lok Sabha polls in return for large sums of money. This included Vivek Anand Oberoi, who is starring in the forthcoming Narendra Modi biopic titled PM Narendra Modi.

Vivek Anand Oberoi ,  Vivek Oberoi

Oberoi agreed, on hidden camera, to write positive things on behalf of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), lauding the various schemes of the Modi government on his social media pages, and asked for a large amount for it. The actor was unaware that the people he was talking to were undercover journalists who were recording him secretly.

Oberoi and all the other personalities who were trapped in the sting have kept mum on the issue. But a question relating to the sting was put to Vivek Oberoi at an event to launch the trailer of PM Narendra Modi.

Oberoi simply said, “All I can say is that those who know the truth know it. Those who don’t know, don’t matter.” Thus evading the question, he moved to the next one.

Ironically, Vivek Oberoi had agreed in the video to secretly promote the same party whose leader, prime minister Narendra Modi, he is portraying in the film. Watch the Cobrapost video below.

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