We begin again, says Hrithik Roshan as Rakesh Roshan walks back home

The news of director Rakesh Roshan’s diagnosis of cancer came as a shock to many people in the industry, but the filmmaker’s latest pictures on Hrithik Roshan’s profile might offer some hope. Hrithik posted a picture of his filmmaker father on his Facebook page showing him walking out of the hospital post the surgery.

‘Cant stop. Wont stop. We begin again. And again.’ wrote Hrithik on his Facebook page.

Rakesh underwent surgery to treat sqamous cell carcinoma, an early stage of throat cancer on 8 January. The filmmaker was diagnosed with the disease a few weeks ago, with Hrithik going public with the news only on the day of the surgery.

While the surgery was serious, the filmmaker was confirmed to be in good health after the surgery. Brother Rajesh Roshan had said, “He (Rakesh Roshan) is better now and recovering well. We were all very tense about the surgery and the entire family was in the hospital with him. God willing, he will be up in the next three days and should be discharged from the hospital.”

On Friday afternoon, Hrithik posted the pictures of father Rakesh cutting a cake in the hospital, followed by pictures of him walking out of the hospital on his own.


After staying quiet on Hrithik’s birthday, it might be time for the Roshans to celebrate.

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