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Who is Beth Smith? Know About Her Relationship and Many More

Beth Smith

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Are you one of the fans of Beth or you just want to know about her after things started popping on your browser? Today we are going to talk about Smith’s personal life. You may know about her husband Duane Lee Chapman but she also had a few affairs that you may not know about. Are you interested in knowing her past relationships? Then stay on our page and keep on reading and get know how she found Duane also?

Who is Beth Smith?

First, let’s know who is Beth in short! If you don’t know, Beth Smith is an American television personality, reality star, and a producer other than being Duane Lee Chapman’s lawfully wedded wife.

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She is well-known for starring in a TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Even more, she has produced some hit movies such as Dog and Beth: On the Hunt and Dog: The Family Speaks.

Beth Smith’s Short Bio

Beth Smith was born on 29th of October 1967 in Denver, Colorado, the USA with the sun sign Scorpio. Also, her birth name is Alice Elizabeth Smith which was later converted to Garry Smith, a former professional baseball league player for Kansas City Athletics and a housewife mother whose identity still isn’t revealed by Beth.

Beth Smith’s Relationship & Affairs

If you follow Dog the Bounty Hunter then you might already know that Beth is a married woman. She is currently having a good relationship with Duane Lee Chapman who is an American bounty hunter and former bail bondsman.

Their love story is too interesting to know. They were in a relationship from a very long time before ever getting married. However, they haven’t shared how they met each other to their fans. After spending some years together, they got married in 2006, May 20 at Hilton hotel on Waikoloa Village in Hawaii.

Beth Smith Was Diagnosed With Cancer

No relationship is ever perfect, but if people work on it, they can overcome any huddle that life puts in front of them. For example, Beth Chapman was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017. The news was revealed by her husband in a reality TV show Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives which aired on November 27, 2017.

Luckily, Beth underwent a 13-hour long surgery to remove a tumor from her throat. They followed up on the aftermath in September 2017 and shared it with the viewers too.

Smith’s spouse has been very supportive of her cancer and the battles that led her to recovery.

Beth Smith’s Children

Beth has four children Cecily Champman, Garry Champman, Bonnie Champman, and Dominic Davis. Garry and Bonnie are from Duane Lee and Cecily and Davis are from Keith A.Barmore.

However, she is also a stepmother of other 8 children from her current husband’s past relationships named Leland Chapman, Lyssa Chapman, Duane Lee Chapman, II, Wesley Chapman, James Chapman, Christopher Hecht, Barbara-Katie “B.K.” Chapman, Tucker Dee Chapman, Zebediah Duane, and Nichola Chapman. 

Recently, she became a great grandmother for the first time. It was the grandson of Leland.

Beth Smith’s Rumors & Controversies

Yes! As a wife to a bounty hunter, Beth hasn’t lived far from controversies. She has caught media attention time and again for both good and bad reasons. Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer and was hospitalized on Nov 2018. She was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. Still, her cancer is not recovered. Only, we can do for her, pray to recover soon.

Let’s talk about Beth and Daune’s bad rumors, in the year 1990, Duane cheated his former wife Tawny Marie Champman with Beth. Even more shocking news was that Smith’s husband was in a relationship with Debbi White and got suicide after she saw some sandals of Duane. Before Beth was in a news for her nude picture in the Playboy magazine and it went viral on the internet.

Later, this talk ends up after it was found photoshopped. Beth and her husband Duane Chapman were sued for $30 million by Charles Fisher who claimed that his life was ruined by appearing on their show.

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It’s not always a controversy that has driven the duo, she and her husband recently shared their life experience in a church which lived up to be an inspirational story and was a trending search in the mid of 2018.

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