With court clearance, Nagarkirtan is slated for release next Friday

Kaushik Ganguly’s Nagarkirtan will finally be released next Friday after a court ruled that Acropolis Entertainment Pvt Ltd has the required rights.

The film was initially slated for release yesterday; but Mojo Productions, which earlier held the distribution rights but backed out while the promotions were underway, began asserting its rights with just four days left and the matter went to court.

“Yes, there was an obstacle in the way of releasing the film, but now it is not there,” director Ganguly said. “It [Mojo] could not prove credibility in the eyes of the law. The court has given a verdict that Acropolis Entertainment is the sole producer of the film and can release it without any condition.”

Ganguly said postponement of the film’s release by a week had resulted in a major loss to the producers. He said the controversy was unfortunate as they try to make good films on low budgets, but the effort was hampered in this case.

According to him, the truth has prevailed with the court’s verdict. “The film has received four National awards and everyone was waiting for it eagerly. Such a film is the pride of Kolkata, not only of the director,” Ganguly said.

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