A celebration of the arrogant style of Kashinath Ghanekar

One of Dr Kashinath Ghanekar’s most popular characters was Lalya from the Marathi play ‘Ashrunchi Zhali Phule [Tears That Turned Into Flowers]’. Ghanekar played the part of a rebellious student while another famous actor, Prabhakar Panshikar, played the idealistic professor.

The latest song ‘Lalya’ from the Ghanekar biopic Ani… Dr Kashinath Ghanekar takes off from this character and its popularity. 

As shown in the trailer, Ghanekar had to content himself with the character of Lalya, which was believed to be not very prominent in the play. However, his style brought the character to life and made Ghanekar popular as ‘Lalya’. The play went on to become a milestone in his career. 

Contemporary composers Rohan-Rohan have succeeded in recreating a familiar tune from yesteryear. While he is known for his work on Hindi songs, lyricist Nakash Aziz makes quite an impact in this Marathi track. 

Besides depicting Ghanekar’s popularity, the song does not hesitate to tap into his arrogant side. In fact, there is more than a peek into his rivalry with and jealousy for another theatre star of the era, Dr Shriram Lagoo, played by Sumeet Raghvan.

Bhave’s performance, just like in the trailer, appears promising. The way he walks into Lagoo’s play, full of arrogance, and sits in the front row is noteworthy. 

Also starring Sonali Kulkarni, Vaidehi Parshurami and Nandita Dhuri, Ani… Dr Kashinath Ghanekar will be released on 8 November. 

Watch the song and tell us if you are looking forward to seeing this film.


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