A ditty about dreams with a touch of nostalgia

The ‘Kal Shara Raat’ song from Mainak Bhaumik’s upcoming release Generation Aami is out. Sudipto Chowdhury has lent his voice to this urbane yet simple composition by Arindam.

Written by Prasen, the song explores the alleys of Apu’s dreams. Apu, played by Rwitobroto Mukherjee, wishes to be a singer and songwriter, but he is not allowed to pursue his dreams by his domineering parents, played by his real-life father Shantilal Mukherjee and Aparajita Adhya.

Apu secretly prepares for a performance, but he does not have a guitar to accompany his song. His sister and sole confidante Durga, played by Sauraseni Maitra, comes to his aid and encourages him not to give up.

As Apu performs the song, he puts his thoughts about his parents’ overprotectiveness that smothers his little joys into the lyrics and tune. He expresses that he often bows to their demands but in his heart and mind, he is elsewhere, perhaps musing about a new tune or composition.

Prasen’s words illuminate Apu’s world which he crawls into amidst his mundane routine of studies, lending a touch of nostalgia to the song.

There is a sense of deep longing in the song that also relates to Apu’s crush in his tuition batch. He eagerly waits for her attention, which brings him relief for a few moments. Along with his sister, he attempts to laugh off the beatings and scoldings he gets routinely from his parents.

Though Arindam’s composition is rather plain and common, it retains the essence of the lyrics and visuals of the song to a large extent. Generation Aami is scheduled to hit the screens on 23 November.

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Listen to the song below and tell us if you are waiting to watch this film on the screen.

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