Abhinay Berde plays Hindi cinema-obsessed youngster

Director Ravi Jadhav gave us a glimpse of the main lead of his next film Rampaat earlier this year through a video. The person in the video appeared to be Abhinay Berde.

The lead actor has now been confirmed by the latest video shared by the filmmaker on his official Facebook page.

The film sees Abhinay, son of the late Marathi film star Laxmikant Berde, play a character named Mithun, who is eager to become a film star. He imitates the styles of actors from yesteryear Hindi cinema like Mithun Chakraborty and Amitabh Bachchan.

Mithun is from Solapur. So he mouths famous Hindi film dialogues with a Solapuri Marathi accent.

Abhinay Berde appears confident and energetic while playing a colourful character. The video makes it clear that the film is an ode to the commercial cinema of the 1970s, just like Farah Khan’s Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Om Shaanti Om (2007), though both films otherwise seem to be very different.

The high point of the trailer is the scene featuring Vaibhav Mangle as he says, “Kitna naya hai yah!” This is a reference to one of Jadhav’s earlier films, Timepass (2014), where Mangle keeps uttering this line. Those who have seen the 2014 film will find it hilarious. Don’t be surprised if you find memes on social media on this moment in the next few days.

The face of the female lead has not been revealed yet. Probably she will be brought before viewers in another similar video.

Rampaat is scheduled for release on 17 May. Watch the teaser below and let us know if you would be interested in watching this film.

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