Aims to bring to light the conspiracy behind Gandhi’s assassination

There have been many films on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka Mahatma Gandhi. While some, like Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi (1982), looked at the great man’s life, others, like Kamal Haasan’s Hey Ram (2000), featured his assassination by the fanatic Nathuram Godse.

Going by the title, directors Karim Traidia and Pankaj Sehgal’s English-language film The Gandhi Murder also relates to Gandhiji’s murder. But the film aims to bring to light the conspiracy behind the assassination, unlike Hey Ram, which featured the fictional tale of a man who came close to murdering Gandhi.

The film’s trailer shows the growing communal frenzy as India awaits freedom. Gandhi tries hard to ensure harmony, without much success. While Muslim separatists are hell-bent on creating a separate Pakistan, extremist Hindus are incensed with Gandhi for being unable to prevent Partition.

Interestingly, though the trailer talks a lot about Gandhi, we do not see the face of Spanish actor Jesus Sans who plays the leader.

Rajit Kapur plays Jawaharlal Nehru while Govind Namdev essays the role of a Hindu extremist leader. Hollywood actor Stephen Lang and the late Indian actor Om Puri play a senior intelligence officer and the intelligence chief, respectively. This is said to be Puri’s last movie.

The trailer is interesting and makes you eager to watch the political thriller. But they have included too many visuals in the over two-minute trailer.

The Gandhi Murder will be released worldwide on 30 January 2019. Watch the trailer below.

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