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The beautiful Alexandra Steele is an American weather reporter who is known for her eloquence and charisma on television. Her excellent broadcasting skills have made her one of the most sort-after female weather reporters in America. She has gone on to work for some of the biggest news channels in the course of her enviable career.

Alexandra Steele has been described as sexy-but-serious. This is because of the elegance with which she commands the broadcast desk. She was even listed among the hottest female newscasters to watch on the

Her broadcasting prowess has also been likened to that of top-notch newscasters like Connie Chung and the legendary Katie Couric. There is no doubt that Steele is “up there” with the very best.


Sadly, Alexandra Steele has been quite covert as regards her personal life. Information concerning her birth, parents, and educational background seems to have been redacted or heavily classified like a C.I.A dossier. However, the pulchritudinous Alexandra Steele is believed to have been born sometime in 1969 in the city of Albany, the capital city of New York State.

Alexandra is also believed to have some educational background in meteorology. Rumours also have it that she is knowledgeable in thermodynamics and hydrology.

In addition, she is also a certified member the American Meteorological Society. Alexandra is currently based in Atlanta and works there as well.

Reports have it that she started out as a small-time newscaster (meteorologist) in the city of Washington. It all started at WJLA which is an ABC weather news studio for the State of Washington. However, she got her big break with ABC’s Good Morning America TV show and anchored several entertaining and informative episodes of the show.

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She also anchored ABC’s Primetime Live (an American news magazine show) for a good number of episodes. On the 15th of June 2009, Alexandra Steele and Jim Cantore replaced Stephanie Abrams and Mike Bettes as the co-anchors of Weather Centre Live on the Weather Channel.

Steele had a brief spell with CNN where she worked as an on-camera meteorologist. She eventually returned to the Weather Channel in 2014.

More On Alexandra Steele

Furthermore, there is a slight hitch or what we might call a blight in Alexandra’s impeccable career as a newscaster. On Saturday the 14th of January 2012, Alexandra made a blunder on live television when she gave a forecast for the football game between the Lions of San Diego and the Los Angeles Chargers in Detroit. Apparently, both teams weren’t playing that weekend in Detroit.

This kind of blunder is very uncharacteristic of the presenter and we believe our dear Alexandra was probably just having an off day. Her die-hard fans have even blamed the news production team for this blunder, therefore exonerating Alex.

Body Measurements

Like most personal data about our beloved Alexandra, her body measurements are unknown. There is no substantial information regarding her weight, height, shoe size, bra size, bust-line, waistline, and hip width.

We can only assume that for reasons best known to her, she prefers it this way and we have to respect the decision.

However, if we are to take a guess, we would say she should be about 1.76m tall and her body statistics would be 35-28-34. But we can confirm that she has brown eyes and a natural brown hair to match.

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Alexandra Steele Quick Facts

  • She was born in the late 1960’s and is from Albany, New York.
  • Steele has worked with CNN, the Weather Channel and ABC’s WJLA.
  • Alexandra Steele has never been married and neither has she ever admitted to being in a relationship with anyone (man or woman). Nevertheless, rumour has it that she is secretly involved with an unknown man.
  • There have been some reports that she has a daughter born sometime in 2008. However, this remains an unconfirmed rumour as the identity of her daughter remains unknown and the father of this mystery child is also not known to anyone.
  • The rumour mill also spun another unconfirmed detail when it suggested that Alexandra was in a romantic relationship with Weather Centre Live co-anchor, the highly revered Jim Cantore. This rumour was based on the duo’s onscreen chemistry and how lovely they looked together. Again, neither Alex nor Jim has come out to confirm or deny these rumours. It has also been reported that Jim is the secret father of Alex’s child and also her secret husband. There have also been reports that Jim obnoxiously left his wife Tamra Cantore who’s suffering from the dreaded Parkinson’s disease as well as his two kids, Christina and Ben, who both have the Fragile X Syndrome for Alexandra. But these remain unconfirmed and in our opinion, “wild shots in the dark”.
  • Alexandra Steele has no social media account i.e no Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account to her name.
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